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Our vision

We are witnessing the beginnings of the next world. More digital and more human, showing that the boundary between professional and personal time is becoming more and more porous but it must be respected at all costs.

Working and learning, in any situation, becomes the basis for designing the organization and sustainability of the post-covid company. The company must start “learning” in order to be efficient, but the individual must also build the habit of maintining his/her skills up to date over time, in an accelerating and ever-changing world.

Training is, therefore, necessary to provide more agility to employees and more security to the company. But businesses can no longer bear the cost and time of non-productivity due to training courses that mobilize employees over entire days (or even more!) and are often far from the company.

Our "small" company from Normandy is involved in this crisis and paves the way to a "Future Composé", between humans and technology. Our solution is called Dokki: the micro and mobile learning application. Welcome to the world of the learning company.

Our concept

The basic idea is to prepare managers, employees, and people undergoing retraining
for the near future for tomorrow’s jobs.

The world is changing very quickly, the OECD already stated (before the COVID crisis!) that 60% of the upcoming jobs do not yet exist, and digital technology will reshape more than 30% of current employment.

Technological solutions are transforming the entire value chain of organizations. Training is essential to adapt to this change.

But we don’t train as we did 20 years ago. Digital technology has emerged and developed, and younger generations have new practices and expectations. 

While everyone agrees on the need for a lifelong learning, companies and individuals find it challenging to give it a long time and a fixed place. We, therefore, offer a mix of solutions ranging from face-to-face training to the acquisition of modular remote skills, including “Blended Learning”, which provides a balance between face-to-face and remote training.

The innovative nature of our solutions lies in the massive automation of training processes, the digitalization of training materials, and the creation of content adapted to current employees and the younger generation (18-35 years old). In this context, we comply with the French law “Avenir Professionel” (Professional Future), which disrupts the rules of the training game and makes the historical players quiver.

It all started with...

An encounter
A story
A team
An encounter

Two professionals of the digital industry in the Normandy region met.

Cedric and Willy shared the same enlightened vision on the future, the desire to reduce the digital divide in Normandy, through the transmission of skills, towards the jobs of tomorrow.

After project maturation and a proof of concept from 2015 to 2017, both entrepreneurs focus exclusively on this adventure that is rapidly growing. It became a group of companies in 2019, called "Futur Composé".

A beautiful story ...

While we are learning to use tools, other countries are learning to think differently and to envision the world as it is and as it will evolve tomorrow: deeply digital!

In a few lines, these are the core concepts of the cooperative created in 2015, after having tested the impact of our vision for a year as an association.

Quickly, our will to disseminate digital knowledge and our innovative pedagogy have opened up the professional markets of training in all its forms.

We have found our place in the regional and Parisian landscape, but we continue our transformation to affirm and highlight a new, useful and expected training method.

Digital is not the preserve of engineers.

Digital technology is not gendered.

Digital technology is accessible to all, regardless of social background.

A team...
Portrait Willy Leloutre-Got
Willy Leloutre-Got
Former CTO of communication agencies in Normandy, he has worked for 15 years in communication and digital solutions creation.
Portrait Cédric Morel-Guilloux
Cédric Morel-Guilloux
Chief Executive
co-founder and former CEO of a Norman competitiveness cluster, he has been breeding talents & boosting business growth for 20 years.
Portrait Claire Grivot
Claire Grivot
Director of operations
has been working for more than ten years in the professional training sector.


in which FC has already proven its added value

With Dokki

Our company established in 2015
We are going to celebrate our 7th anniversary. We do not come up only with an idea, we offer services / products in development in a tangible market.
We built a skill cartel
allowing any innovative technology with an ever-growing mind
We are "Creative" and "Agile"
We continuously adapt to our market. Our team is young and dynamic
Our model is hybrid
shared between technlogy and education. Our innovations are tailored for real-life needs and tested through our Learning Lab in Normandy
We master training market and its evolution
We can quickly adapt our strategy to deliver the perfect solution.
We provide an end-to-end solution for Digital Learning
from training production to solution development
We are among the pioneers of Learning Data generator
and develop our own AI, dedicated to traing (without GAFAM)
Intellectual and Industrial Property protect our AI and algorithms.
They may be commercially exploitable under license.

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