Micro and mobile Learning


Micro and mobile
Learning solutions

“on-demand“ solutions

Dokki is a “utility” application that offers an on-demand access to micro-learning trainingon mobile or web platforms. Moreover, it’s a coaching tool and an ideal environment for an excellent experience.

A training solution to suit your brand

Dokki is fully customizable, white-labeled (at no cost) and registered on Apple and Android application stores in your name. This greatly benefits the development of your corporate brand.

Micro and mobile Learning solutions

Continuous learning

Anywhere, any time!
A Web & mobile application
Quick training in Micro-learning format
30 sec to 15 min caps
Videos, podcasts, quizzes, games & simulations...
to learn with the best educational methods.
ease of use

Dokki is a web & mobile platform with all the necessary features for an optimal training experience, and a educational tool designed by a training center to meet the learning objectives and your business needs.

Each cap comes with a quick evaluation quizz
Success certified by Open Badges or certifications
Real-life professional situations videos
Start-end variance measurment for an HR monitoring
Dokki is also

Validation of
acquired experience

several analysis procedures for a complete experience

HR monitoring

Dokki offers a set of features for HR monitoring (individual or group). Everything is measured, captured and stored. This allows, beyond offering detailed dashboards, to create learning algorithms increasingly refined to optimize the time and success of training.

Dokki is your guarantee for a good follow-up and completion of the training!

Dokki is also

traceability &

a permanent & precise control as guarantee
Ensure transparency
HR dashboard for educational monitoring, certifications and attestations
Ensure traceability
Training certification are automatically generated
Ensure authenticity
Certificates e-signature, by employee and training center
Ensure reliability
Internalized recall and skill assurance
Ensure attendance
Automatic control of training datas

Mircro coaching serves micro learning.
Simple, practical & efficient

Dokki is also a way to connect a learner with a coach. The human relationship remains at the heart of our educational objectives. The coach is used to unblock a situation, reformulate an explanation, share a screen. But not for everyone, not all the time, just 5 to 10 minutes.

Web or Mobile coaching at hand
Your co-workers can request a session
Offer a time slot and a topic
Dokki also includes


Digital training and human coaching

"Commitment is the ""ROI"" best friend

Last but not least, Dokki is a toolbox to engage your employees in their training through games, challenges, gifts, and new features. A customized support service is offered to ensure your return on investments.”

This is
the time

Dokki is your best ally to help your teams in their rise to competence. Try it, you will love it ! Don’t wait, take advantage of your free trial!

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