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EdTech Awards

DOKKI awarded
by the "Trophées EdTech"
(EdTech Awards)

Our project:
Fighting Discrimination and Inequality

We are proud at Dokki to have won the 2022 Parity & Digital Equity Prize of the EdTech Professional Training Awards with our LEWE project.

The LEWE project consists of fighting against discrimination and inequalities towards African women at our scale.

LEWE stands for “Leading the Empowerment of Women through Education” and “Life” in Afrikaans.

Despite the world’s changing, there is still a long way to go before African women, and girls get full respect for their human rights.

Build Back Better

Access to education and regular and unlimited schooling. Professional orientations and choices, access to complete information and health care without discrimination, equality of rights under the law, fight against domestic and sexual violence… These challenges are even more significant today than before the Covid 19 pandemic.

Responding to all these challenges means:

  • Focus on equality between women and men and make the education and empowerment of women and girls a priority to “build back better”.
  • Give a new impetus, strengthen convictions, inspire younger generations and invest in the creativity and adaptability of African youth.
  • Accelerate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and leverage digital innovation to achieve the 2030 vision.

Toward Emancipation

At Dokki, we believe that digital technology is a vector of cultural emancipation and social mobility in all of its aspects. We consider our entrepreneurship to be an ambition for a better world and a substantial impact on our daily life.

Through the LEWE project, Dokki proposes a sustainable and straightforward mobile and microlearning solution for young African women to access information on women’s rights. Nevertheless, that is not all, and we also want to enable them to train on finance, office automation, digital collaboration, and many other topics. As they progress through the awareness and training program, these young women will obtain trophies and badges that they can use on their CVs.

Dedicated to their learning and career ambitions

They will also have access to a diagnosis of their professional skills and competencies and will then be guided towards training centers, higher education schools, or independent training courses in line with their desire and ambition.

Through the LEWE project, we are putting Dokki, our high-performance mobile, and microlearning application, at the service of equality between girls and boys.


Mrs. Nicole Ameline, vice-president of CEDAW* at the United Nations, supports this solidarity project (*Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women).

We, at Dokki, wanted to extend a warm and heartfelt “Thank you” to Trophées EdTech de la Formation Professionnelle (EdTech Awards for Professional Training) and all the Jury members for this beautiful distinction.

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